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Who we are?

African Dishout is a food delivery platform providing high-quality authentic African food, and empowering local independent restaurants and stores through technology. We are a fast-growing startup headquartered in New York with a mission to make authentic African food and groceries easily accessible and to give mom-and-pop restaurants that specialize in ethnic cuisine a platform to succeed in the online food delivery space.
We currently serve the Bronx, Harlem, Manhattan, Brooklyn, NY, and Newark, NJ markets. Our next stop is Philadelphia and then on to the Washington Metropolitan Area.

A Menu Inspired by
Authentic African Food

Inspired by traditional African home cooking, our menu highlights ancient, nutrient-dense African food. We have hundreds of restaurants, including local favorites. Discover authentic African cuisines all around you.

Life can be complicated but ordering food doesn't have to be. Let African Dishout take care of the details for you and reclaim that extra hour for more important things.


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